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Environmental protection

Mother Nature offers us all we need to live. At Enscented Nature Soaps and Cosmetics, we think that it is our duty to preserve her. Therefore, we are only using natural renewable resources, which are far better for our body than chemical solutions which are cheaper but more harmful.

You will be able to discover or rediscover the benefits of natural oils and butters. Did you know that apricot kernel oil has strong nourishing and age defying benefits? Shae butter, which you can find in almost all our products, is an absolutely incredible moisturizer. Olive oil, used for centuries, is naturally rich in vitamins. Finally, vitamin E is a natural antioxidant with exceptional properties.

According to the law, it is not possible to write on the label that a product is “organic” without an official certification from an accredited certification organization. This procedure takes a lot of time and is quite expensive for a starting business. This is why we cannot put the term “organic” on our labels. However, we guarantee that all our products are created from at least 95% of certified organic vegetal ingredients.

Why are we using only perfumes instead of essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated extracts from plants. In reasonable quantities, they can have positive effects on the body, if they are certified organic and therefore without pesticides. However, the concentrations usually used in soaps and cosmetics is very strong which is why it is not appropriate for everyone.For example, they are not recommended for pregnant women, babies and small children. The method used to harvest natural perfumes is not only less harmful to your body, but more ecological as you can obtain a lot more perfume from the same quantity of fruits and flowers than you would producing essential oils. As soap and cosmetics producers, we decided to utilize high quality perfumes certified as phthalates free and parabens free, and suitable for everyone and for daily use with no any allergy risk.

Why shall we avoid chemicals?

The actual law controls and authorizes a certain quantity of chemicals in day to day products, i.e. food, hygiene products and cosmetics. Some of those chemicals are controversial because of the potential risks they can have on the human body. Even if the quantity per product is considered low and reasonable, there are a lot of different products increasing the daily exposure to those chemicals.

For example, titanium dioxide is used to create synthetic colours for food or cosmetic industries. In 2006 already, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified the titanium dioxide as potential carcinogenic. In April 2014, Anne Trafton from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) published a report explaining how damaging for the DNA tiny particles as titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide could be. Avoiding chemicals when it is possible helps to lower our daily exposure. Moreover, you will be able to see by yourself that they are not necessary in cosmetics or soaps according to the quality of our products.

Price and quality:

It is not always easy to reconcile idealism, environment respect and commerce. A product price can double if it is certified organic. We believe that healthy, safe products should be accessible for all. Therefore, we do our best to offer affordable prices for everyone. We also provide special offers as I quit chemicals if you are a new client or discounts if you sponsor your family or friends.

How to read a label ?

The actual law provides that all ingredients composing a cosmetic product, must be written in INCI language (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) to allow a universal identification. Those ingredients are always mentioned degressively which means that the ones with higher percentage in the product will be at the beginning of the list and the ones with the lower percentage will be listed at the end. Therefore, a label starting with the word “aqua” for example, means that water is the ingredient with the higher percentage in the product.

What does it mean when glycerin is mentioned on a soap label ?

When soap has been made traditionally, the ingredients that are used in the cold process are labelled preceded by the word “sodium”. For example, “Sodium Olivate” is used to mention saponified olive oil. The glycerin which results from saponification is not mentioned as it comes out of this natural process. If the word glycerin is mentioned on a label, this means that some glycerin, which has been previously extracted by industrial method, has been added as an ingredient to the soap. This method has nothing to do with the traditional soap making method, although it is easier to do. In this case, the important thing is to determine if the glycerin is from vegetal or animal origin.

What is a cosmetic notification form ?

In Canada, each soap or cosmetic maker must fill in a cosmetic notification form to Health Canada. This form contains each product formula with all its ingredients. Health Canada checks every form to determine if it is in conformity with the regulations. Specifically, if there are some restricted ingredients, Health Canada will check if they are used in the allowed percentages, if special warnings on the labels are needed, … If Health Canada has some doubts about one of the form, it could decide to remove the product from the market.