Our ethical policy

At Enscented Nature Soaps and Cosmetics we engage ourselves to respect the following carefully the following points.

  1. We offer high quality products affordable for everyone
  2. At least 95% of vegetal ingredients used in each product are certified organic
  3. We try to minimize our impact on the environment by using ingredients that are not procured from intensive cultivation
  4. We commit to use recyclable containers and packaging as much as possible
  5. All our products are biodegradable
  6. We do not add any parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, alcohol, aluminum salts or zinc oxide. Furthermore, we do not use any addition of glycerin in our soaps
  7. We only use natural colorants
  8. No animals are harmed in the creation of our products
  9. We do not use essential oils
  10. We are careful with our products traceability. Each of our consignment number allows us to know exactly where each ingredient comes from.
  11. Our products are homemade, crafted with care in quantities lower than 10 kg per batch
  12. Our final products are not tested on animals.