Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. Following conditions are established between Enscented Nature Soaps and Cosmetics, 710 Cariboo Trail, 100 Mile House, V0K 2E0, Canada, postal address, Po Box 854, 100 Mile House, V0K 2E0, Canada (here after the seller) and the buyer who accepts those terms and conditions by paying his products or creating an online account.


  1. The following terms and conditions shall be governed by Canadian laws. In the event of a dispute, Canadian laws will apply.


  1. All contents, pictures, logo and other visual media on this website is Escented Nature Soaps and Cosmetics property and is protected by the copyright laws.


  1. The seller has full authority on the website and its entire content. He can decide to delete any inappropriate content, obsolete or damaging the seller’s image.


  1. These conditions apply to all kind of selling, which can be done through the seller’s online platforms or by direct selling. The seller reserves the right to adapt or modify these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time. The terms and conditions applicable are those enforced on the site on the date of payment.

These terms and conditions are available any time online. Moreover, a client can ask the seller anytime as well to take knowledge of these terms and conditions. Therefore, a client cannot hold the seller responsible for not knowing these terms and conditions.


  1. All prices on the website are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), without taxes. Each article’s price is mentioned under the product’s description. They are also indicated in Canadian Dollars (CAD), with possible taxes, separately from the shipping costs also payable by the client, during validation of the client’s order. For all products shipped outside of Canada, the prices are calculated automatically without taxes on the invoices. Customs duties or local taxes, import duties or local taxes may be These taxes are not the seller’s responsibility. We highly suggest our client to verify if taxes apply with local authorities. The seller is not responsible of the exchange rate and of all fees that may apply according to the payment method chosen by the client.


  1. At any time, the seller can modify prices on the website. If so, the prices that apply are the one mentioned on the website on the payment’s date.

To be able to order on the website, the client must create an account and register. Therefore, he certifies that he is an adult and that he is legally entitled to make online orders. By registering, he accepts the terms and conditions of the website. He accepts not to make homophobic, racist, misogynistic, offending or promotion of hatred comments. A person who shall not respect those terms will have his comments and account deleted. The client is responsible of the information he gives to the seller. Therefore, if given information are not correct and the delivery cannot be done, the client will be the only responsible. Any additional charges that might occurred would be the client’s responsibility.

The personal data submitted by the client shall exclusively be for an internal administrative use by the seller. The seller will not willingly forward or sell personal client’s data. A client can choose to register to a possible newsletter from the seller. However, a client can delete his account or unsubscribe from any possible newsletter by himself. He can also request help from the webmaster who will confirm by email it has been completed.


  1. The client selects articles on the website that will go in the shopping cart. During the selection process, the articles are carefully described. The pictures are only used to illustrate the products, but cannot be considered as contractual terms. All products are artisanal manufactured and therefore their shapes and colors can vary. However, it’s their weight, respectively their volume depending on the products, that are principally used to determine their prices. A tolerance of 3% to 5% (percent) of the mentioned weight is allowed to the seller according to products’ artisanal manufacture. Therefore, the seller shall not be held responsible regarding an esthetic difference between the picture and the received product, as the price will have been based on its weight, respectively its volume.

Having articles in the shopping cart is not enough to complete the order. The sale is completed only when the client validates his shopping cart and proceeds to the payment through an external gateway. The client is responsible to verify that selected articles are the ones he wants. The seller will proceed the order in 2-3 business days, however, this dateline can be extended to 7 days in busy periods.

Orders are processed in order in which they arrive, within limit of available stocks. If there is a stock shortage, the seller will contact the client to inform him and find the solution that best meets its needs. If the client cannot wait until the stock’s renewal, he can cancel his order without fees.


  1. The seller’s price policy includes online promotional codes. Those represent discounts offered by the seller, but ruled under certain conditions. These promotional codes are not an amount that can be claimed by the client. Therefore, a client cannot receive any money or credit note in exchange of any promotional codes. The same apply with special offers that are limited in time.


  1. When the client receives his order, if there is any obvious error, for example, if one of the product is not the ordered one, he needs to contact immediately the seller if he wants the item to be exchanged. A product can be returned only if it has not been used and opened, or regarding the soaps, if their labels are still on. If the mistake has been done by the seller, he will manage all return and replacement product’s fees.

If the client notices a mistake when he receives his order confirmation, he can contact the seller immediately to make the requested modification, as long as the order has not been shipped. If the order has already been shipped, a modification is still possible, but all fees will be charged to the client and of course, the products shall not have been used and opened, regarding the soaps, if their labels are still on.


  1. The seller cannot be held responsible for terms and conditions of third parties with whom the seller works and who have their own terms and conditions. If the client uses their website, or other internet links on the seller’s website, he knows that the following terms and conditions will not apply, but the ones of those third parties will.


  1. As mentioned on the website, our products have been manufactured with care, using natural vegetal ingredients to avoid allergy risks. It is also recommended not to ingest the products and to rinse thoroughly with water in case of contact with eyes. Our products have not been created for an internal use. Even if they are created with care, duly tested according to a very strict method, that the formulas have been registered to Health Canada and that all ingredients are mentioned on the labels according to Canadian regulations, we cannot guarantee that there cannot be any allergy risks. In fact, anyone has a different sensitivity to allergies. Therefore, we highly recommend, prior to first use, to try a small quantity of the product on a small skin zone to check for allergies. The seller shall not be held responsible of an inappropriate use of its products.


  1. The seller is working with Canada Post as a shipping method. This service is charged to the client who choses which delivery method he would like (priority, expedited, …). In any case the seller shall not be held responsible for the sipping dateline. For clients outside Canada, it’s possible that customs lengthened the shipping carrying out controls. The seller shall not be held responsible for this neither.


  1. In case of any fortuitous event or force major case, the seller’s obligations are suspended. He will immediately contact the client to find a solution that best meets his needs. If the client cannot wait until the problem is solved, he can cancel his order without fees.


  1. Regarding direct sales, as the client can see the products, smell them, hold them, and, in many cases, use products testers, a simple oral contract applies.

As well, according to these terms and conditions, no return will apply.


  1. In case of an online order, but a delivery by the seller, the client is responsible to check that the delivered items are the ones he ordered. By paying the seller at the delivery, the client confirms that he received the ordered products. Therefore, no return will apply.


  1. The seller can offer samples and / or gifts to clients or people. In this case, the person or client that accepts those samples and / or gifts accepts as well the seller’s terms and conditions, including how to use them properly. Therefore, the seller cannot be held responsible for any inappropriate use of our products.


  1. Following terms and conditions have been written in French and translated afterwards in English. However, the English version is made for information purposes only, and only the French version is binding.