Welcome to Enscented Nature Soaps and Cosmetics!

Combining enchantment and scent, we love to bring the exceptional aromas of mother nature and the soothing properties of soaps and cosmetics right into your home.

We are very committed to the preservation of the environment andA random choice of different Soaps quality made by Enscented Nature Soaps and Cosmetics. therefore have very strict production guidelines. In fact, at least 95% of each product’s vegetal ingredients are certified organic. We are exclusively using natural oils and butters that have been approved for cosmetics and have acquired all
our ingredients from traditional agriculture to avoid overuse of natural resources.

Our products are all phthalates and paraben-free. We believe in avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in our products, thus making them safe for everyone to use. We have also excluded all synthetic dyes, and have used all natural methods of coloring. You will also never find any addition of petrol, alcohol, or glycerin.

Our special package of product "I Quit Chemicals" made by Enscented Nature Soaps and Cosmetics.None of our products are tested on animals, only on willing humans!

Finally, when possible, we prefer recyclable containers and packaging.

These are just some of Enscented Nature’s Soaps and Cosmetics‘ commitments. If you
want to get more information about our products, you can have a look at  Good to know and  our ethical policy ‘s sections.

We wish you a great time visiting our website.